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Real, incredible results from beauty business owners.

"When I first came across The 6 Figure Beauty Business Blueprint it definitely caught my eye. Grow my business and reach a 6 figure income, um yes please! Up till that point I had never taken a training that was not specifically for a service though and I was super hesitant because I didn't know if it would be worth my investment. Ill be honest, at the time I couldn't really afford it with COVID, not to mention I am in Canada and had the exchange rate to deal with. After days of thinking about it, her sales tactics caught me (lol she's good, really good!) and I took a leap of faith and I am so glad that I did. I am here to tell you that what I learned from Raya is invaluable. Somehow she took years of experience and condensed it into 8 weeks of jam packed value that was not only 100% relatable to my business, but easy to follow and straight forward. I found myself looking forward to every single class and I learned so much information that I didn't even know I was missing! After the 8 weeks of live training I applied everything I learned and went HARD in December, you guys...I literally DOUBLED my monthly service sales!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful I took the leap and took Raya's course. Not only do you get access to the Facebook Group where like minded beauty business babes share tips and support (such a great community!!) but you also get Raya. She is your hype girl, always there to answer a question and is truly such an inspiration. I cant say enough about this course, if you are looking to improve in any aspect of your beauty business...this is where you will find the answers. THANKS FOREVER RAYA!"

–Chelsea Stewart, Owner Raine Artistry Co.

Since taking the 6 Figure Blueprint course, I have had tremendous confidence in many aspects of business. This confidence has delivered unimaginable results and I couldn't be more grateful! I have learned amazing key elements to success in business and I often find myself referring back to the modules before decision making. 

My confidence in decision making has TRIPLED my revenue in the first month of the year. I had my FIRST (of many) $10k month! Back in December I hired my first employee and in the month of January we increased her sales by double - in 1 month! My first employee has the next month booked about 75% already! We are already getting her booked in MARCH! I am now beginning the process of hiring another employee with the intention of replacing me in the treatment room! This seems so unreal, but I accept this outcome!

My membership program was a bust before this course, but I was able to convert 7 NEW clients into members in 1 month! I am beyond proud of this accomplishment. My goal is to have 25% of all clients on a membership by the end of the year and I am 1000% confident I am going to exceed that goal!

I have a lot more in store for me and my business and I CANNOT wait to explore and reach every single goal; This course has given me so many tools to do so. I am so grateful to Raya and her knowledge. 

–Deja Smith, Owner Deja Luxe Skin Therapy

"I am so happy I took the BBB course! I learned so much, and I have taken A LOT of courses that yes I learned from but this was different. It challenged me in new ways and my business HAS seen growth. I have hired my first employee and am moving into a bigger space. Also Raya doesn’t just leave you hanging she checks in with you. My fellow students are also super awesome to have and meet so you can bounce ideas off of them. Take this course, it is worth it!"

–Moriah Justin, Owner Indy Relax & Wax Spa

"My name is Sarah Barbosa and I wanted to share my experience with Bosses in Beauty. When I found Raya on Instagram I was searching for something to get motivated about my career. I was lost not only in my career but in my personal life. I had just lost my mother, and we were in complete shutdown in Massachusetts so I had no idea what I was going to do. I started to follow Bosses in Beauty on Instagram and I started to see Raya as such a huge inspiration to me. She’s knowledgeable, passionate and she KNOWS exactly how to bring you to where you want to be. Investing in her course was just the first step for what was waiting for me. Right after signing up, I won the MacBook Pro from the early sign up bonus, and the 8 weeks of course were filled with the richest knowledge. Raya brings so much value for everything she does. If I got each one of the Guest Speakers she brought into the course + the Macbook I won and not counting the 8 weeks of 90 minutes (it’s always more!) of coaching with Raya I would have paid thousands!!  A couple months after the course, I can proudly say that I know where I’m going, my goals are 100% clear and the most important thing, I KNOW how to get there because of Raya. I opened my first storefront location and I just got on my very first month on my own business and I have my books full with 100% clients rebooking the next appointment. Raya did not only change my professional life, she changed my personal life as well because today I have the confidence to stand up and go after my dreams."

–Sarah Barbosa, Owner The Skin Spot Skincare

Stacey Gilbert

Owner Gold Rush Esthetics

Doing this program will be one of the best things you can do! I can’t say enough about it! Started my business six months before Covid and am confident going on my path of growing my business now even as second shutdowns are happening in my city. In three months since taking this class I signed a new commercial lease, launched a professional website, all while increasing revenue. You get the support from estheticians of all different stages in their business and probably the best part is that you have Raya as a mentor for life who genuinely loves helping you succeed! You bet I’ll be back for her one on one coaching!


Megan Oliveri

Owner Megan Oliveri Artistry

This class came into my life just when I needed it. I was feeling so overwhelmed with my lofty goals and every bit of stress that was coming out of 2020. It was scary to invest the money in myself but this was easily one of the best decisions of my life!! To give you a small example, I cried the first couple of classes because it was enlightening. Raya has such a wealth of knowledge and is an impeccable teacher. She teaches with compassion, stillness and understanding. Raya has been investing in herself for years and it seriously shows!! I even invested in a personal one on one coaching call with her because I wanted some more personal to my business advice. You will NOT regret this investment!


Erin Goyer

Owner Erin Marie Artistry 

I signed up for this course on a leap of faith as I had never invested in a business course before but I am SO glad I did. It gave me both the confidence and community I needed while expanding into my very first storefront location! The value of this course far exceeded my expectations and was one of the best investments I have made in my business yet. 

Celia Anaya

Owner Wax Addict SF

The BBB course is more than just a course, it’s a community where you are also learning through example by other esthetician’s struggles and successful outcomes. Not only are you learning specific business strategies but most importantly you are learning to start with yourself and your own mindset. We cannot positively improve our business if we have an ounce of negative mindset holding us back. That positive mindset is what helped me start my business 9 years ago & build it to a 6 figure business but when the pandemic hit it definitely affected my mindset negatively by feeling all my hard work went down the drain. Raya’s course and endless resources brought back my spirit and gave me a whole new set of strategies to implement to build my business back up. The experience was priceless & I am forever grateful. 


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