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Whether you are just starting out and need to get clients or you’re already making 6 figures and ready to grow your team, I promise to help guide you on your next level of success! ( If you are already making 6 figures or more and you're ready to grow your business and your team, a package of 12 is highly recommended to see real growth and gain freedom within your business.)


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I have grown and scaled a million dollar a year esthetic business.

I know how to hire, train and keep long term team members. I have employees who have been with me anywhere from 2-7 years. 

I am a true owner, not operator. The difference? Most estheticians are operators. If they left their business for a week for vacation they would not make any money and come back more stressed because of all the catch up they have to do. An owner could leave their business for a month and it would still make revenue, operate efficiently and profit. Owners come back from vacation refreshed and ready to crush it. 

I have invested over $200k in my personal and business growth.

When you invest in yourself you will see a direct reflection in your business growth. Also you will only get so far as a business owner without knowing and understanding the right business tools and strategies to take you to the next level. 

I have personally worked with and have been coached by some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs including but not limited to:


From poverty to running multiple companies that bring in 6 billion per year (have attended 20 live events and was a member of his elite Platinum Partner mastermind).



The original Rich Dad (from Rich Dad Poor Dad) has made over $100 million dollars and runs several successful businesses. Creator of the 4 Day MBA.



Story Brand Workshop live in Nashville.







Successful entrepreneur, speaker and business strategist. My current business coach.




Coach to many Fortune 500 company leaders and my private 1-1 coach for many years.




CEO of BossBabe, I did a private mastermind led by her and only 4 other high level entrepreneurs.



The learning never stops and I continue to invest into myself for my business and for my coaching clients!

There is nothing that lights me up more than helping other women in business learn how to master their mindset, grow their business and change their lives. It is the most rewarding thing I do. 

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