Bosses in Beauty | Get Booked, Make Bank Masterclass

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If you’re struggling to fill your books and gain a loyal clientele, you need to…

Get Booked, Make Bank.


Learn the exact strategy and sales psychology that I have used to build a 7 figure business and I used to make $100k in one week on Instagram! I have helped hundreds of estheticians grow their business from small towns, to big cities!  Business isn't hard when you have the right mindset, tools and strategy to get you there! 

This will be 2 hours of business education plus time for Q&A at the end!

I always over deliver!

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"I took a leap of faith and I am so glad that I did. I am here to tell you that what I learned from Raya is invaluable."

–Chelsea Stewart, Owner Raine Artistry Co.

If you've ever thought to yourself...


  • I struggle to get clients to rebook & gain a loyal clientele––I wish I could work my business full time.
  • I am always nervous and scared of failure.
  • I'm tired of making someone else rich.
  • I'm booked solid but somehow making no profit.
  • I really wish I could expand, but I don't know how.
  • I feel like I can't justify higher prices because I don't have a studio space.
  • I just can't figure out what my niche should be. 
  • I have never been fully booked and it's keeping me from growing.
  • I never feel financially confident enough to do what I want in life
  • I feel like I'm getting in my own way with small-minded thinking.
  • I struggle with being assertive in my policies and commanding appropriate price points.

Who is this class for?

✔ Any beauty professional including: estheticians, microblading artists, massage therapists, waxers, lash techs and makeup artists!

✔ Those who have tried different techniques they read on Google or in Facebook groups, but none of them have added up to make a difference in their income or confidence as a business owner


✔ Those who are already booking steady clients but working non-stop! You need to find a way to get out of the hustle and grind or you’ll burn out fast. 

✔ Those afraid to look at (much less talk about!) the numbers in their business, and feel overwhelmed when it comes to pricing or financial strategy. 

✔ Those who know deep down that they're capable of creating the business and life of their dreams, but their brain often gets in the way and tells them success is not for them. 


If you have room for new clients and to make more money, this class is for you!



Who this class is not for?

People selling MLM Beauty Products

Is this Masterclass live?

This is a recorded masterclass and you will get lifetime access to the replay!

"I am so grateful to Raya and her knowledge."

–Deja Smith, Owner Deja Luxe Skin Therapy

Imagine if you had to the ability to

  • Push through anything and keep a positive mind regardless of the situation.
  • Get new clients in the door.
  • Flip your mindset, set goals and get our of the struggle
  • Put my best foot forward each time.
  • Outgrow your current space.
  • become known as the Brazilian queen of your town.
  • Open a larger storefront with multiple suites.
  • Start paying yourself.
  • Stand out in an oversaturated industry.
  • Have brand awareness outside of Instagram.
  • Find a true work-life balance. 

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Join the Get Booked, Make Bank Masterclass!

  • Learn the exact strategy and sales psychology that I have used to build a 7 figure business and I used to make $100k in one week on Instagram!
  • Understand the mindset, tools, & strategies to find success in business!
  • Lifetime access to the replay!

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"Raya did not only change my professional life, she changed my personal life as well because today I have the confidence to stand up and go after my dreams."

–Sarah Barbosa, Owner The Skin Spot Skincare