Bosses in Beauty | Achieve Your 2022 Goals Masterclass

Are you ready to not only set but actually ACHIEVE your 2022 goals and make it your best year yet!?

JOIN ME IN OUR 1st EVER LIVE GOAL ACHIEVING MASTERCLASS ( specifically for beauty entrepreneurs with BIG dreams)

Go into 2022 with massive clarity on your goals and the roadmap to get there! No goal is too big in my book. In fact the bigger the better!



I’ve been there before...

Every year you make a decision, this year will be different. I am going to finally lose weight, start traveling more, make more money in my business and meet the man of my dreams. Yet the thing you want most “insert more important goal” never happens. You miss it by a mile and year after year we start the process again and with every year grows a little more doubt.


I’m here to make sure you make 2022 different!

But we can’t get a different result unless we take a new action, learn what's holding us back that’s keeping us from achieving our big goals and dreams.

Once I discovered this method for goal achieving success I’ve implemented it my life and every year I’ve hit goals that wouldn’t make sense to the average person.

The first year I started this I went from my first $100k year to $350k in one year

The next year I went from $350k to $700k!!!


The next year I started  traveling the world; including Bali, Australia, France, India, Dubai, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Beach and Las Vegas (yes all in one year) all while barely working and still jumping to a $850k year.

Then the year that was the worst for most people (2020) I manifested my best. The most money in my business (first million dollar year) my first $100k day. Meeting my dream man, getting pregnant with my baby girl and buying our DREAM house. 

In 2021 I doubled this and I had my first 2 million dollar year with barely working half the year due to being pregnant and when I did work it was maybe 4-5 hours a week tops.

So I know you may be thinking just because I’ve had major success with this doesn’t automatically mean you will too, right? 



Take me to the registration!

The blueprint works. But it only works if you take action! This will be a highly interactive workshop and your full participation and focus is required to gain the clarity and confidence to make your 2022 dreams come true. 

There is a reason that I’ve had hundreds of students who have grown their revenue at an extraordinary rate, opened up their dream location, hired teams and live their best beauty entrepreneur life! What I teach works. 

What if I told you it doesn't matter where you currently are? When we do this process we are going to take that factor out completely and we are going to start with where you want to be! We should NEVER set goals based on current circumstances. What that does is it makes us set goals way too small which don’t end up exciting us!


The choice is yours.

So will this be hard? No

Imagine this:

it's December 2022 and you’re either looking back at your year in awe at everything you accomplished or looking back at everything you wish you had done.

But it will require some deep thinking and playing full out on the call.

Will it be fun? YES, absolutely!

Something magical happens when we are surrounded with other beauty entrepreneurs, all dreaming big and having a KNOWING each of you is about to make it happen!

So if you are ready to have your BEST YEAR YET I invite you to join me LIVE Sunday December 19th 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST and let’s set you up for MASSIVE SUCCESS in 2022!!!

Register now for just $111

(registration ends Friday December 17th and will not be available for purchase after that)

Register Here

Learn the exact strategy and sales psychology that I have used to build a 7 figure business and I used to make $100k in one week on Instagram! I have helped hundreds of estheticians grow their business from small towns, to big cities!  Business isn't hard when you have the right mindset, tools and strategy to get you there! 


What if I can’t make it live?

The call will be recorded and you will be uploaded into your member portal within 24 hours after we end. 

How long do I have access to watch?

You have 1 year access to this masterclass.

If I have taken BBB will this still help me?

Technically you have everything you need to achieve your goals since you have gone through BBB! But this masterclass is specific to getting crystal clear on what you want your life and business to look like in 2022 and actually achieving it! There may be some repetition but there will also be new content and I promise you won’t ever regret going through it!